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Iconic Footwear stands as an industry leader in wholesale fashion, providing a comprehensive array of trends across footwear, apparel, accessories, and hosiery. As a versatile manufacturer, we specialize in private label production, licensed brands, and unique custom designs, ensuring our customers are equipped with the latest styles. Our diverse range spans across ladies', men's, and kids' categories, offering an extensive collection of sneakers, sandals, wedges, boots, apparel, accessories, comforts, and hosiery. With a commitment to quality manufacturing, we bring forth a seamless blend of style and craftsmanship to elevate your fashion experience.

About Us: Team
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Our sales team proudly presents our shoes to our loyal clients and finds new ventures to expand business. We share what we learn from our customers with our merchandising and design teams, who them incorporate that information into our future lines


We scour the globe for upcoming fashion trends and incorporate them in our designs. Our team works closely with our factories to ensure the highest quality products while keeping costs within the framework of affordability.

Designing Together
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Our logistics and customer service teams are constantly doing follow-up and handling all necessary documents regarding advance bookings. They arrange proper and expedient methods for shipping our products in a timely and professional manner. They are especially aware of maintaining close relationships with forwarders, assuring on-time shipments.

About Us: Team


We value the importance of a more sustainable supply chain. We are committed to the integration of sustainable practices throughout our operations, from our corporate offices to our production facilities. Sharing what we learn is a key component to our strategy to stand together in this ongoing journey of positive change. Our sustainable endeavors include sourcing recycled materials and trims, for both product and packaging, eliminating plastic usage where possible, being more efficient with water management, improving energy conservation, and the reduction of chemical discharge and dangerous emissions in the supply chain.

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About Us: Team
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